Home National News GOP Head Issues Grave Warning To House Republicans Over The ‘Wall’

GOP Head Issues Grave Warning To House Republicans Over The ‘Wall’

GOP Head Issues Grave Warning To House Republicans Over The ‘Wall’

There is a lot of talk recently about whether or not President Trump needs to build the wall on the border between the United States and Mexico. Because of his tough stance, there are record low numbers of illegal immigrants coming into America, and there are record high arrests of those who are here illegally. Adding to the pressure regarding the wall is the amount of money that has to be approved in this new budget to build it. Everyone seems to be wondering if the wall needs to be built.

Well, the Republican National Committee Chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel, just weighed in on the subject and she left her position just as clear as a bell! Appearing on Laura Ingraham’s nationally syndicated radio show, McDaniel said if Congress doesn’t help President Trump begin to build the U.S.-Mexico border wall, voters will walk away from the GOP in 2018.

Ingraham asked, “The President comes out yesterday and says there’s going to be a wall. So what is the RNC doing specifically to push the Trump agenda and help it get traction in Congress?” McDaniel replied, “Well I think part of it is communicating to our lawmakers what we are seeing on the ground. And I’m from Michigan. I was part of the Trump movement as a Michigan chair, and I know that our voters are going to hold us accountable in 2018 if we do not keep the campaign promises that were made. When you get to Washington, sometimes you forget what was said outside and it’s important that we bring that back to Washington and let them hear what the voters expect of this government and of the president.”

Ronna Romney McDaniel added that members of Congress would “lose the trust of our base if we don’t keep our promises. Our base is going to walk away,” she continued. “They’re going to feel like, ‘Hey, you said one thing on the campaign trail to get elected, and you didn’t act on it.’”


So it seems like the GOP chair has thrown down the gauntlet. Either Congress steps up and finds the money to build the wall that Trump promised, or Republicans will not support the party candidates in the mid-term elections. What do you think about such bravado? Will that happen? Should it happen?


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