Home News GOP Lawmaker Begins Push For New Controversial Policy After Shooting

GOP Lawmaker Begins Push For New Controversial Policy After Shooting

GOP Lawmaker Begins Push For New Controversial Policy After Shooting

In light of the recent shooting on the D.C. baseball field, do you think lawmakers should be free to carry guns in Washington? Representative Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga) said Wednesday that Congress should consider firearm reciprocity to make it easier for politicians to carry firearms. The political attack on Republican leadership left Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) in critical condition.

Loudermilk was one of the leaders on the field when a James Hodgkinson, the lone gunman, opened fire on the defenseless players. The state of Virginia offers the opportunity to have a concealed-carry permit and allows citizens to carry firearms openly without a license. But D.C. has tighter gun laws that make it harder for lawmakers to carry weapons.

“Most of us are here in D.C., so how do you just have the gun here and just transport it to Virginia?” Loudermilk told the Washing Post regarding the D.C. gun restrictions. “I think we need to look at some kind of reciprocity for members here.” Policy on reciprocity would recognize the firearm permits that lawmakers have with their home states within Washington D.C.

“In Georgia, we have conceal-carry law which allows individual citizens to keep a weapon with them and in their car. Had my staff member – who was there – been in Georgia, he would have normally carried a weapon in the car. I carry my weapon in my car. And he was penned down in his vehicle that had a shot on the shooter,” Loudermilk explained in an interview with Molly K. Hooper of “The Hill.” In fact, there is one community in the state of Georgia that sought to make it illegal “not” to own a gun. They weren’t planning to enforce the law but wanted criminals to think twice before coming into their area. Below is a transcript of the interview Loudermilk gave.


Loudermilk noted the increased risks associated with being a congressman and suggested that more lawmakers should receive full-time protection from Capitol Police. Washington politicians have a history of pushing back on congressional efforts to loosen gun control laws in the capital.

What do you think about Loudermilk’s proposal to make it easier for lawmakers to pack pistols?

Credit: The Hill


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