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GOP Rep Claims It’s Not Over Yet and Voices Concerns

GOP Rep Claims It’s Not Over Yet and Voices Concerns

Republican Representative Ron Desantis of Florida spoke alongside Sirius XM host Alex Marlow to Breitbart News Daily addressing Desantis’s call to investigate the possible leaks of classified information by James Comey and Robert Mueller.

The two men interacted with Breitbart in the scripts below:

“It’s been frustrating because you’ve seen from the start of this presidency an unprecedented amount of leaking of very sensitive information,” DeSantis declared. “The Flynn leaks with the FISA intercepts, I haven’t heard anybody being investigated for that. Then you have Comey. Put aside the classified information for a second. He’s taking notes and then leaking that to the press. Can you imagine if a run-of-the-mill FBI agent is investigating his case, that’s just doing his job, taking notes, and then decides he’s going to just leak all this to journalists? That would be totally unacceptable.”

“And then when you add the fact that you may have classified information, so he weaponized the leaking of his memo in order to trigger a special counsel. Incredibly, he admitted that under oath,” DeSantis stated. “And he may have been willing to compromise classified information just to settle this vendetta against the president. That is a major, major deal, and I think that needs a full vetting.”

DeSantis continued,

“In Congress, we’ve been trying to get the memos. Former Chairman of the Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz, he wanted the memos, and he said Comey was very standoffish about the memos. He did not want to talk about them, and so Congress had difficulty getting those. But certainly the Justice Department has got to look at this, and so we’re going to be actually sending a letter soon, we’re going to get a lot of my colleagues to join, asking the Justice Department to take this up, but then also report to Congress what has been done to deal with not only Comey, but all the leaking that you’ve seen throughout the bureaucracy.”

“I’ve never excused leaks in the past. If some bureaucrat thinks the government is behaving poorly, they leak to the New York Times. To me, I think that’s still wrong because you’re not a law unto yourself. But the character of the leaks since this president has taken office are different. They’re now being weaponized for political purposes to basically attack the president, and that is a major, major issue that needs to be dealt with by the Department of Justice.”

DeSantis was then asked if he thought the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller was accurate. Marlow continued with the question stating that Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton told Breitbart that it should be called off. DeSantis responded with the following:

“I mean, you have all these maxed-out donors to Hillary Clinton. Could he not find one Republican? I’m not saying you can’t be a good prosecutor if you donate to a Democrat or a Republican or whatever. But it’s just odd that the people he’s bringing in are all on one side of the fence. The law firm he pulled all these from, they have some very strong Republicans who are very accomplished that he could have asked, but he didn’t do that.”

“The people I’ve talked to say Mueller’s just politically tone deaf, that that’s just not how he operates,” said DeSantis. “Nevertheless, some of these people who have been brought in, I think, are big problems. When you have somebody who was doing legal work for the Clinton Foundation, of all places, now you’re going to put her in a special counsel’s office to investigate the Trump administration? I think it’s a big problem.”

DeSantis goes on to argue the following:

“We shouldn’t have had a special counsel, to begin with, because there’s still, after all this – even after all this stuff with the Don Jr. meeting – there’s still not evidence of a criminal offense, and that really is the trigger.”

“I’m concerned about the people that are being staffed, and I’m concerned about really a lack of focus in the investigation. If it’s just ‘find something,’ that’s not really the way we do business in the United States. I mean, if you’re under investigation for something, okay, you do what you gotta do, but you don’t just pick somebody and say, ‘Oh, well, we’re just going to find whatever we can on him.’”

What do you think about more investigations into Trump? Do you think they are just distracting the President from what he needs to do? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: Breitbart


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