Home Politics GOP Senator Goes On A Tear As He Abandons Ship

GOP Senator Goes On A Tear As He Abandons Ship

GOP Senator Goes On A Tear As He Abandons Ship

Whenever honestly and politics comes up in the same sentence, one might cringe at the thought. However, Republican Sen. Jeff Flake recently told NPR that the first duty of conservatives is to “be honest.”

He went on to say he is “very troubled” with the Republicans right now:

“It seems that we’ve been compromised, but this time by different forces — those of populism and protectionism, isolationism, xenophobia and I’m concerned about how we remain a governing party with those principles.”

Flake continues his remarks stating that he believes the party has become “coarser”:

“Being a conservative isn’t just adopting conservative politics. I think it matters in terms of demeanor and comportment.”

Flake continued saying that he understands the frustrations people have and then said President Trump “kind of spoke to that.” He went on to say the following:

“But I think as conservatives, our first obligation is to be honest with people. It’s always easier for a politician to point to a shuttered factory and say ‘That’s because of free trade. That’s because Mexico took those jobs, or China did.’ But what is not recognized is that it’s largely been productivity gains and automation. We manufacture twice as much as we did in the 1980s with one-third fewer workers and those productivity gains will continue.”

Flake also told a reporter in an interview that any Republican leaders who don’t speak out against Trump are complicit sitting that elected officials need to hold each other accountable.

Credit: The Hill


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