Home News This GOP Senator May Destroy GOP Budget Hopes

This GOP Senator May Destroy GOP Budget Hopes

This GOP Senator May Destroy GOP Budget Hopes

President Donald Trump and Senate GOP leaders are desperately looking for some unity on tax reform after the collapse of Obamacare repeal.

They are unlikely to get it, once again, thanks to Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. This is not what the GOP party needed, especially at a time when leaders are looking to get everybody on board.

Unanimity would give the party the critical momentum it needs after several months of fighting.

Sen. John McCain (Republican-Arizona), who joined Paul in voting against the GOP’s Obamacare repeal bill, changed his position Tuesday. He is now willing to fall in line, soothed sufficiently that there will be a future boost in defense spending.

In response to Paul’s potential “no” vote, Sen. Lindsey Graham (Republican-South Carolina) said,“This vote is about whether or not we’re going to lay the groundwork to cutting taxes to revive a stagnant economy. It’s about the future of the Republican Party. How many times do you have to see this movie before you figure out what’s going on here?”

He went on to say, “President Trump says Rand Paul’s is his friend. … I don’t think you can be a friend of the president or the conservative cause and vote against this budget resolution.”

Paul did say, however, that he can still be persuaded to get to “yes,” though leaders fear agreeing to his request to cut $43 billion in defense spending would lose the votes of military hawks like Graham and McCain.

Paul was quoted saying, “The president wants a ‘yes’ vote on the budget. I talked to him this morning. And I told him: ‘I’ll be a ‘yes’ vote but you’ve got to tell the swamp up here that they can’t just keep spending money left and right.’”

What are your thoughts? Do you like Paul’s hesitance to vote “yes”?

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Credit: Politico


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