Home News Gutfeld on Trump/Pelosi feud: He stole her lunch money, then ate her lunch

Gutfeld on Trump/Pelosi feud: He stole her lunch money, then ate her lunch

Gutfeld on Trump/Pelosi feud: He stole her lunch money, then ate her lunch

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld offered a humorous analysis of President Donald Trump’s recent interactions with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during his Thursday monologue.

The subject of his talk was the president’s letter to Pelosi, telling her that she would not have a government plane at her disposal for her overseas trip.

His letter appeared to be in response to Pelosi’s cancelation of the president’s State of the Union address.

Both Pelosi and Trump cited the government shutdown for their withdrawal of the formerly agreed upon courtesies.

“In the letter he said, he was ‘sorry to inform her,’ that he’s canceling the trip,” Gutfeld said.

“No, he wasn’t sorry. Not at all!

“He basically stole her lunch money. And then he ate her lunch,” the Fox host went on.

Gutfeld went on to offer a potential response to the suggestion that the president deliver his speech in writing.

“Still, Trump should accept her offer. And send the State of the Union address in writing: a sheet with just two words: Bye-bye.

“Then he should hold a giant event in the middle of America. After all, the people elected Trump, not Washington, D.C. Nancy and the Dems can take shelter under their desks and watch it all on iPads.

“And Trump can cite his accomplishments, tell some jokes — just so the press has a reason to burn their hair.  He can broadcast it on YouTube. The media will cover it in highly flammable fact-checks.

“It’ll be the first People’s State of the Union!” Gutfeld went on.

“If the media doesn’t show it — then we know it’s personal and political — for this is historical. And hysterical!

“Cuz what do the Dems do then?

“Do they not respond when he does it anyway — at a better place, with better-looking people? With music, prizes, farm animals and face painting? And almost no carbon footprint! Think about that!

“Do they hold a response? With the same cardboard cutouts from before?

“Nancy just offered Trump an amazing chance.

Gutfeld ended his monologue on a positive note saying that if the president doesn’t deliver his State of the Union, “It gets him out of a dull speech’– and it gets ‘The Five’ out of going to D.C. – a place with overpriced booze, incompetent politicians and substandard food.

“Which really, is the whole point of this monologue.”


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