Home News Chicago Mayor Keeps Sanctuary City In Tact… Greg Gutfeld SHUTS HIM DOWN!

Chicago Mayor Keeps Sanctuary City In Tact… Greg Gutfeld SHUTS HIM DOWN!


Sanctuary Cities. It was an idea in the Old Testament where someone who killed another person could flee to and avoid vigilante justice. Not so that they could live free and never face justice.

In America, Sanctuary Cities are places where if you are residing in America illegally, then you will not face deportation. Mayor Rahm Emanuel is proud that Chicago is one of these places. Not only is he proud of this fact, but he has no intention of ever chancing that fact.

As Greg Gutfeld of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” points out. Chicago has over 600 murders every year, the city is only slightly safer than a minefield and the mayor believe that his city is safe. Emanuel said:

To all those who are very nervous after Tuesday’s election, you are safe in Chicago, you are secure in Chicago and you are supported in Chicago

According to Emanuel, Chicago is going to be one large “safe place” like a university campus. Come to Chicago and no one will hurt your feelings. In fact, come to Chicago and we will all commiserate together that an evil man won the election. If you understand that the Left is guided by emotion, then that is a perfectly valid explanation by their way of thinking.

But the fact remains that Chicago is an extremely unsafe place to live in with death tolls in the hundreds each year. The whole idea that one would call Chicago a “sanctuary,” implies that you are safe from prosecution and that you can act with impunity. Indeed criminals operate there with just such an attitude.

If the mayor wants to call his city a Sanctuary City, that is fine. If the officials there will not enforce the federal laws, that is fine as well. But I would not be surprised if a President Trump doesn’t freeze all federal funds for Chicago. A month at most and the mayor will change his tune.





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