Home News Hannity puts the final nail in Mueller report’s coffin

Hannity puts the final nail in Mueller report’s coffin

Hannity puts the final nail in Mueller report’s coffin

Fox News’ Sean Hannity began his Wednesday program by announcing that the most important headline from Attorney General William Barr’s testimony on Capitol Hill was likely not being widely reported: The Robert Mueller report is over.

“Let me give you a quick headline from Attorney General William Barr’s Senate hearing on Wednesday that nobody else will report: The Mueller witch hunt is completely over. It is done,” Hannity began by saying, according to an Op-Ed adapted from his monologue.

“Nobody listens to the attorney general. And yes, Attorney General William Barr admitted during Wednesday’s hearing everything we have reported the last two years and that full criminal investigations into the Deep State actors in the Clinton email scandal and FISA warrant controversy are now just beginning.”

The Fox host then went on to highlight all the ways in which many of his fellow broadcast journalists, as well as lawmakers, have gotten it wrong in the past two years while the special counsel’s investigation was ongoing.

“The Russia collusion narrative is finished. The hate-Trump media mob were wrong,” Hannity said. “They lied to the American people, and they continue to lie to the American people. They perpetrated a hoax. They pushed conspiracy theories. They lost and Operation Crossfire Hurricane has now turned into Operation Boomerang. Barr will bring equal justice and equal application of our laws to the American people.

“The Mueller witch hunt is over. Don’t let anybody else fool you. They can talk about it until the cows come home. They can sit, go home and their heads can spin around like Linda Blair in ‘The Exorcist.’ They can projectile-vomit the green stuff, but it’s not going to change the truth.”

According to Hannity, primarily radio hosts, such as himself, along with a handful of his fellow Fox News hosts and contributors, are the only journalists in America who followed the facts to their reasonable conclusion.

“Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh on talk radio and an ensemble cast on ‘Hannity’ and a few others on Fox News, like Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson and ‘Fox & Friends’ have all been right for two years. So many others have gotten it dead wrong,” Hannity said. They missed the biggest story in their lifetimes, and we can confirm the criminal investigations of the Deep State are, in fact, underway, in a major way.


“That is the biggest headline to come out of Attorney General Barr’s testimony on Wednesday — and I promise you, no one else is reporting it.”


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