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He’s Out:The First Domino Falls

He’s Out:The First Domino Falls

Jonathan Karl who is the Chief White House correspondent around 11:30am Friday tweeted out an encounter he had with Press Secretary Sean Spicer that confused him.
Sean Spicer out
Well, he only had to wait another hour for his answer….
It has been confirmed that the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has resigned his position. His resignation comes as the White House has hired Anthony Scaramucci as the new communications director. CNN reports:

A White House official and top GOP adviser said President Donald Trump asked Spicer to stay on, but he resigned. The resignation caps off one of the most tumultuous tenures for a White House press secretary, one that saw Spicer repeatedly undermined in his role as the White House’s public-facing spokesman by the President’s public statements and tweets.
Spicer handled the responsibilities of both press secretary and communications director during much of his tenure, overseeing the White House’s response to a near non-stop deluge of controversy, particularly concerning the widening federal investigation into potential ties between Trump campaign associates and Russian officials.

Additionally, Washington insiders are saying it could be a long weekend for many inside the Trump Administration.

Sean Spicer



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