Home News Hillary Clinton finally throws in the towel

Hillary Clinton finally throws in the towel

Hillary Clinton finally throws in the towel

Hillary Clinton set the record straight during a recent interview, saying that she does not plan to run for president again in 2020 according to The Daily Mail.

“I can’t imagine that, no,” Clinton said when asked on British journalist Tina Brown’s podcast if she is considering another presidential bid.

“I’ve had a terrific experience in public life and in politics. I care deeply about this country,” she said. “So I will continue to speak out and fight for our basic rights, particularly when it comes to how we treat each other and also the rule of law.”

Clinton covered a number of issues, primarily those related to her campaign, and women in politics today, speaking to how she feels it’s difficult to be a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field without coming off as unappealing to the voters.

“How does a woman stand up for herself on the biggest stage in the world without … looking aggressive, maybe a little bit angry, that somebody is behaving like that, being willing to go toe-to-toe when there are so few memories embedded in our collective DNA where women do that?” she said on the podcast.

“So yes, I’m willing to stand up for what I believe in … but that is still kind of scary for some people,” she added.

Clinton has been vocal since her 2016 loss about how she believes she should have won, and the reasons that she didn’t.


The Daily Mail chronicled “everyone and everything Hillary Clinton has blamed for losing the election – 43 and counting” included in their count was James Comey, Vladimir Putin, low information voters, the electoral college, those who assumed she would win, bad polling numbers, white women, misogynists, Netflix, the Democratic party, the Republican party, the Supreme Court, fathers, husbands boyfriends and male bosses.

On the last count, her blanket hit at males who had the audacity to not support her, the Daily Mail quoted an interview where Clinton told NPR that, “’Women will have no empathy for you because they will be under tremendous pressure … from fathers, and husbands, and boyfriends and male employers, not to vote for ‘the girl.’”


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