Home News Hillary Clinton Tells Yet Another Lie… And This Time Its About America’s Pastime!

Hillary Clinton Tells Yet Another Lie… And This Time Its About America’s Pastime!

Hillary Clinton Tells Yet Another Lie… And This Time Its About America’s Pastime!

When you’re a fan, you’re a fan. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. There are the faithful fans, the die-hard fans, occasional fans, fair-weather fans and closet fans. Just to name a few. Those of us who stick with our teams through the good and the bad, the wins and losses, the championships and the ones that almost were, we know a fan when we see one.

Granted, those of us who are faithful or even die-hard will usually cut some of the other types a little slack. Not everyone, we tell ourselves and each other, have the courage to see our team come so close only to lose and still love the team. Not despite of it, but because of it.

As a Cubs fan, I remember managers like Jim Frey, Dusty Baker, Lou Piniella and of course Joe Maddon. I loved these guys, wins or losses, good times and bad, whether anyone else thought they were a “bum” or not. Too many players to make mention of but Addison Russel is my current favorite, but of course, I have a weakness for short-stop.

Don’t even get me started on the Tigers, my other team to cheer for. But I digress. Nothing escapes politics and as baseball is perhaps one of the greatest metaphors for life itself, it is only fitting that we remove ourselves from the baseball diamond to the political stump.

Hillary Clinton. As I wrote for another piece here at The Conservative Republic, the woman has some issues. Does she really think that people won’t check on what she says, or that they won’t bother because she is so trustworthy

As reported in Breitbart, Hillary Clinton just told a North Carolina crowd this:

I was a little anxious during my speech because the Cubs were playing in the world series,” she said. “I have been a fan all my life, started watching baseball with my dad, went to Wrigley Field.

Interesting to hear that. Most fans would smile and nod. They’d feel that connection, however slight, that can only come from finding out another person is a fan of the same team. It’s a tribe mentality that lets one person feel a sense of comradery or kinship with another. It’s also the reason that when we know someone’s been a fan and they “turn to the dark side” to cheer for another team that we feel a sense of betrayal. And don’t even get me started when a favorite player up and leaves for another team, just because they’re getting a better paycheck.

I wonder if Yankees fans feel that sense of disconnect and betrayal from Hillary. Shortly after moving to New York in 2000, she converted to the religion of the Yankees.  The reason? According to a piece by the Washington Times, she was sick of the Cubs “losing every single year.” I’m sorry but if that’s the reason you leave a team, then you were never a fan. And to be a true Cubs fan, you have to love them especially when they fall short.

Expediency is the watchword of Hillary Clinton. To know what side of an issue she’s on, just look at who she’s talking to now. Tomorrow will be a different story, and a different side.


Hillary, time to go back to the Yankees. That is, if they will have you.



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