Home News Hillary suffers harsh reality-check from her own side

Hillary suffers harsh reality-check from her own side

Hillary suffers harsh reality-check from her own side

Democrats in the state of New Hampshire now agree politically with Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over longtime Democratic politician Hillary Clinton, according to a new poll.

Inside Sources and Bullwark reported that a NJ Journal poll taken last week showed that New Hampshire had surprising allegiances in politics as 2020 approaches.

“According to the NH Journal poll, which surveyed 593 registered voters earlier this month, 55 percent of New Hampshire Democrats believe that Elizabeth Warren best represents the Democratic party,” Bullwark reported. “Ocasio-Cortez came in second with 28 percent. Just 17 percent said that Clinton was the best representation of the current party.”

“The fact that so many Democrats in New Hampshire see Sen. Warren as an accurate reflection of their party isn’t that surprising,” NH Journal publisher Shawn McCoy said in a press release. “But the fact that Hillary Clinton, an icon of the party for 30 years, trails a progressive activist newcomer like Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is astonishing.”

The departure from establishment also indicates a departure from Republicans as well, according to the same poll.

President Donald Trump is “down by double digits in theoretical match-ups with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (54-41 percent) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (54-41 percent),” Inside Sources reported.

The president is also behind former Texas representative Bet O’Rourke in the hearts and minds of Democrats in a fictional matchup, falling behind 48-41 percent.

The president does, however still hold a sizeable majority with Republicans at 59 percent who said that they would support Trump if he was challenged by Utah Senator Mitt Romney.

According to Shawn McCoy, a former GOP campaign strategist, these numbers could be significant to Trump in the upcoming election.

“In 1992, Pat Buchanan came to New Hampshire and landed what many believe was a damaging blow against incumbent George H.W. Bush with 37 percent of the GOP primary vote,” McCoy said. “Given that unaffiliated voters can participate in the GOP primary—and the president’s poor standing among them–any Trump challenger would have a large group of potential voters to draw from.”


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