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Hillary Tries to Back Peddle After Scathing Comments

Hillary Tries to Back Peddle After Scathing Comments

Hillary Clinton is backpedaling on her recent comments about Trump supporters during the 2016 elections. She gives the following explanation:

“I understand how some of what I said upset people and can be misinterpreted,” Clinton wrote in a Facebook post late Saturday.

“I meant no disrespect to any individual or group. And I want to look to the future as much as anybody.”

The former Democratic nominee for president was heavily criticized for the comments in which she said the states that supported her during the election were more economically advanced than those that supported Trump.

“No, it’s not helpful at all,” Senate Minority Whip (D-Ill.) Dick Durbin told “Fox News Sunday,” when asked about Clinton’s statements. “In fact my friend Hillary Clinton is wrong.”

The former First Lady also implied that the women who voted for Trump did so because of “ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever believes you should.”

“As much as I hate the possibility, and hate saying it, it’s not that crazy when you think about our ongoing struggle to reach gender balance – even within the same household. I did not realize how hard it would hit many who heard it,” Clinton said in her explanation.

Well, at least she tried.

Clinton said she hopes her explanation “helps to explain the point I was trying to make.”


Does it?

Credit: The Hill


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