Home News Hillary Won This Group HANDILY … Except One MAJOR Problem! -WHOA

Hillary Won This Group HANDILY … Except One MAJOR Problem! -WHOA


People of Middle Eastern countries were rooting for Democrat Hillary Clinton on election day.

A poll covering nine Arab nations shows Clinton wins among countries where wealthy donors supported her family charity.

From Al Arabiya English:

An opinion poll by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies in Washington and that included nine Arab countries revealed that 68 percent of the Saudis prefer that Hillary Clinton wins the presidential elections while 46 percent thought Donald Trump was bad.

The nine countries included Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco, Jordan, Palestine (the West Bank and the Gaza Strip), Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. An average of 400 people from each country participated in the questionnaire. The poll showed 65 percent of Saudis believed a Clinton victory would positively impact the Arab countries. Only 11 percent preferred Trump in the poll.

Trump polled the highest in Iraq and Egypt.


Asked about the issues which the upcoming American president must focus on, those interviewed by the poll said the first priority was not intervening in Arab countries’ affairs. Other priorities included combating ISIS, resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, resolving the Syrian crisis and resolving the crisis in Yemen.

It’s curious how the Arabs wanted less interference by the American president, yet wanted help in resolving violent affairs in the region. Also curious is how they preferred Clinton who meddled in Middle East affairs for decades versus Trump who has called for America to stay out of the region as much as possible.


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