Home National News Hillary’s Back and She Is Part of the ‘Resistance’. . .Does She Really Know Who Is to Blame?

Hillary’s Back and She Is Part of the ‘Resistance’. . .Does She Really Know Who Is to Blame?

Hillary’s Back and She Is Part of the ‘Resistance’. . .Does She Really Know Who Is to Blame?

She’s back. . .and she’s part of “the resistance.” This isn’t the lead into a new action movie trailer, these are the real life words from Hillary Clinton as she makes the rounds giving an explanation of what happened in the campaign and her posture now as a “citizen activist.”

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” CNN Senior Political Commentator and former Obama Senior Adviser, David Axelrod, said that Hillary Clinton might have a “legitimate beef” with FBI Director James Comey. The former presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, has made it clear that Comey is one of two or three factors that caused her to lose the election. Axelrod confirms a quote from Clinton saying that she was “on the way to winning,” before Jim Comey released his letter on October 28th, saying it “may be true.” But Axelrod also continued by making it painfully clear what Jim Comey “did not do” in causing Clinton to lose the election. Here is a partial transcript from his report:

“The fact is that there’s plenty of data to suggest that she was in much better shape before Comey intervened in October, and so, she has a legitimate beef there. Jim Comey for reasons of his own — and I think it was to try and protect his own agency from charges of playing politics, ended up playing politics, and it hurt her. That said, Jim Comey didn’t say to the Clinton campaign, don’t campaign in Michigan. You know, Jim Comey didn’t say, don’t go to Wisconsin once after the Democratic Convention. And those are states that she lost by very, very narrow margins, and so there are a few things that if they had just done a little bit differently, would have been, I think, decisive and would have allowed her to win despite Jim Comey. So, a little more introspection–maybe we’ll have to wait for the book–but a little more introspection is probably in order.”

In the video below, you can hear NBC news report on Clinton’s words about Comey’s letter, the Wikileaks scandal and Russian involvement in the election. But you will also hear this mainstream media source question Clinton’s culpability for her loss. According to this report, even some of Clinton’s aides are saying that she is not confronting her political failings and that she has not fully recovered from the devastating loss.

What are your thoughts about how Hillary is putting the blame on other people? Is this accurate or not? How do you feel about her stand on being a part of the “resistance?”


Credit: Breitbart


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