Home News What Hillary’s Team Said About Benghazi Is REPULSIVE … They Set The Bar Even LOWER!

What Hillary’s Team Said About Benghazi Is REPULSIVE … They Set The Bar Even LOWER!


Wikileaks is on a roll, so to speak. Even more leaked Podesta emails have become public and it is causing no end to the political trouble for Hillary Clinton. The most recent one to garner attention is an email from veteran speechwriter Dan Schwerin to John Podesta. Dated October 22, this email covers a statement that the team wanted Hillary to make and Schwerin’s thoughts and edits of it.

As Twitchy shows in their posting of the original email, one line in particular comes across and that says:

What do folks think about this as a post-game statement that she could make to press?

The words, “post-game” being the real hot-button . He wrote ‘post-game’ as if this were not concerning one of the most troubling attacks on Americans since the Iran Hostage Crisis.

He also stated in his opening comments, that he wanted to “let her stay above.” If you read the comments that he wanted to delete, they were nothing more than political cannon-fire meant to lay the blame for all of this squarely at the feet of the investigating committee.

It’s not that a member of Hillary’s team referred to the Benghazi hearings as a “game.” Rather it is the mindset of Hillary and those around her that this is just another day at the office.

Fair is fair, Schwerin was probably just using jargon and not meaning that it was all just a game to them. However, it is the mindset that everything is political and must be spun or maneuvered to gain Hillary the best political advantage. That is so common for them that this is just another day at the office.

To make my case, one only has to read the rest of the email. The parts that Schwerin wanted removed referred to the questions of the committee being a waste of time, with no purpose and that the committee was only ‘political theatre.’

The fact that he wanted these things removed from the statement only shows that the Clinton team views everything in a political lens, even trying to hide a political agenda from view though that very same political lens.





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