Home News House Republicans Have Rosenstein Right Where They Want Him

House Republicans Have Rosenstein Right Where They Want Him

House Republicans Have Rosenstein Right Where They Want Him

It seems some are waiting for the hammer to fall on the future of Rod Rosenstein. Will he be fired tonight?

Chad Pergram tweeted: “Fox has learned that from sources familiar with the President’s thinking there are no plans to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein “tonight” or at least in the near future. When queried, sources noted that did not preclude Rosenstein from being fired down the road.”

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But then he also tweeted: “Fox has learned that articles of impeachment have been drafted for Rosenstein..though not filed. It is not clear which lawmaker drafted the articles…or if they would go anywhere in cmte or on the flr”

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It is likely that the impeachment articles had more to do with Devin Nunes than Michael Cohen. Rosenstein held off releasing information for so long that Nunes threatened on national television a few days ago to have him impeached. Since Rosenstein eventually released the documents, the articles of impeachment may no longer be necessary. 

But there are other possible grounds for impeachment, Rosenstein’s refusal to recuse himself from the Russiagate probe like Jeff Sessions did even though he’s a witness to James Comey’s firing. This is a key element in the obstruction case against Trump. 

CNN recently gave this report: CNN has now learned that Rosenstein has consulted with the ethics adviser over the course of the investigation on whether he needs to recuse himself, and he has followed that individual’s advice — a fact which has not been previously reported and offers a more fulsome explanation for how he has continued to oversee Mueller’s work. The source did not specify the number of conversations, timing, or the details of the advice…”

There is now another probe that could become grounds for impeaching Rosenstein…House Republicans on the Intel Committee told him today that they want the Comey memos. And if Rosenstein refuses to turn them over because they’re evidence in a pending investigation, what happens then?

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Trump would be delighted to have House Republicans do the dirty work of removing Rosenstein. It would spare him from any new obstruction accusations by firing him instead. 

Will the hammer fall on Rosenstein for any of these reasons?

Credit: Hot Air


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