Home National News House Republicans May Have Screwed Up Healthcare Again After SHAMEFUL Act

House Republicans May Have Screwed Up Healthcare Again After SHAMEFUL Act

House Republicans May Have Screwed Up Healthcare Again After SHAMEFUL Act

Just in case you wondered whether the House Republican’s health care replacement bill could get any more sticky… .it has recently been reported that the new bill exempts members of Congress and their staff from its effects.

The bill, set to replace ObamaCare, would allow states to apply for waivers for certain previous provisions like a ban on insurers charging premiums based on the customer’s health and also the requirement that insurer’s basic health plans cover services like prescription drugs and mental health. The amendment proposed by the GOP exempts members of Congress and their staff, ensuring that they will still have the protection of the ObamaCare provisions. This inconsistency was flagged by health law professor, Tim Jost, and the Democrats naturally jumped on the hypocritical development. The Democrats argued that Republicans are willing to take away protections for the general public but not themselves or their staff.

“The best evidence yet that the new GOP repeal plan is a disaster for people’s health care is that the GOP exempted members of Congress from living under it,” said Leslie Dach, director of the Protect Our Care Campaign. This is one of the main groups bringing the opposition of the replacement healthcare bill. Uncovering this inconsistency is now causing some moderate Republicans to come against the bill. When you add the fact that according to the Washington Post/ABC News, 70% of the American public want the pre-existing condition protection to be nationwide and not up to each state, there is growing concern that this replacement bill has the legs to pass in a vote.

What do you think about the news that Republicans have worked in a congressional exemption that the general public won’t have? Do you believe that we are going to get a replacement bill passed?


Credit: The Hill


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