Home News Huffington Post Journalist Under Scrutiny After Disturbing Tweet About GOP Shooting

Huffington Post Journalist Under Scrutiny After Disturbing Tweet About GOP Shooting

Huffington Post Journalist Under Scrutiny After Disturbing Tweet About GOP Shooting

A Huffington Post writer recently criticized the shooter who attacked Republican D.C. leaders on a baseball field. His criticism? “Violent resistance” has to be more organized to “work.”

Jesse Benn, a writer who was published in Huffington Post as recently as December of 2016, tweeted on Wednesday, “For violent resistance to work it’d need to be organized. Individual acts can be understandable, but likely counterproductive/ineffective.”

This tweet appears to be in reference to the attempted mass shooting at a GOP baseball practice early Wednesday morning. Five people, including House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, were wounded when the shooter, James Hodgkinson, took aim at the players on the field. If it weren’t for the bravery of Scalise’s security detail, it could have been a massacre. All of the victims are expected to live and Hodgkinson died from wounds he received in the gun battle with the security officers.

Jesse Benn has labeled himself as a “member of the intolerant left” on his Twitter profile.You can also find a link on that profile to his author page at the Huffington Post. After Benn’s tweet about “violent resistance” being more organized to be effective, there was a quick response on social media. One person tweeted that Benn was inciting violence and tagged the FBI. Benn replied to that tweet with bravado, “I keep saying this – you have to take the time to call into the secret service/FBI et al.” Federalist co-founder Sean Davis also responded to Benn’s criticism, “HuffPo writer’s main beef w/ today’s attempted mass murder of Republicans is that it was poorly organized,” he tweeted.


However, before we go any further to be fair to Benn he has responded this morning to his critics on Twitter:


One thing Jesse Benn is correct is that extreme right militia groups do exist however, that does not justify others to engage in violent behavior. Any violent group is wrong Mr. Benn and violent extremists groups should be brought to justice if they violate the law. Second, statements are advocations stop trying to beat around the bush. The beauty of this country is that protests are welcome and people are peaceful.

It’s frankly unbelievable that a journalist would be so openly calling for organized violence against political leaders. What do you think should be done about what Jesse Benn wrote? Do you think his response to criticism was sufficient?

Credit: Daily Caller


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