Home News Hyatt’s Heart Warming Add Crossed All Political Divides

Hyatt’s Heart Warming Add Crossed All Political Divides

Hyatt’s Heart Warming Add Crossed All Political Divides

It shouldn’t surprise you that the Academy Awards ceremony was full of political statements but Hyatt may have presented one of the most unique. During the showcases, the hotel chain known as Hyatt released a new advertisement that focused on unity despite diversity.

The commercial takes the viewer through locations such as Thailand, Morocco, and Spain. In each location, you can see people at first almost being uncertain of the odd stranger in the crowd, but then it all changes. Love is poured out and the people come together in unity and joy.

When asked if the commercial was connected with anything political, the company issued the following statement (in-part) via an email to CNBC:

“No, it’s not. Hyatt is a global company, and these moments are things we can all relate to. …We think that everyone can find themselves in the anthem spot – finding yourself in an unfamiliar or even uncomfortable place, and it’s one simple act of reaching out and human connection that can make a difference.”

While the company says their overall theme is to highlight small moments of understanding, such as letting someone know their scarf fell, many people remain skeptical. Can a company with that powerful of a statement not being making a political statement?

The campaign is set to run on various channels including TV, digital, and social. The company also has plans to place a focus on the United States, China, and India.


Credit: CNBC


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