Home National News Immigrants Sue Employer Because They Were Fired For Not Showing Up To Work

Immigrants Sue Employer Because They Were Fired For Not Showing Up To Work

Immigrants Sue Employer Because They Were Fired For Not Showing Up To Work

20 Michigan immigrants, who were employed at Detroit-area auto parts maker EZ Industrial Solutions LLC, say they were wrongfully fired from their job after skipping to attend a “Day Without Immigrants” rally. According to their employer, all employees were told there would be repercussions if they skipped work without permission.

Most people would believe this is a rather black and white case, but according to the Detroit Free Press, the immigrants have taken their case to the federal labor regulators. Their claim was filed with the National Labor Relations Board, and according to Daily Caller the group filed a lawsuit:

“The immigrant workers from Mexico and Central America claim EZ Industrial Solutions unjustly fired them for taking part in a political protest.”

The former employees stated that “the employer coercively questioned employees” twice about the rally on February 16th. The complaint also stated that the management team originally said they would be given a one-week suspension if they decided to skip work.

EZ Industrial Solutions has responded to the complaints saying that everything they did was legal. An operations manager, Jordan Yoder, also defended the company in the following email to the Free Press:

“The law is quite clear that employees can’t just show up to work when they’re expected, and also that they are not free to participate in political, non-work related protests during their work day without consequences. We, therefore, deny any wrongdoing and are confident that the charge will be dismissed.”

One point that could prevent a win for EZ Industrial Solutions is made by Tony Paris, the Detroit lawyer who filed the complaint for the workers. Paris says that the company didn’t normally require workers to call in when they’d miss a day because the the company normally had informal schedules. Paris continued his thoughts saying:

“Workers wouldn’t be punished for not calling in, because they don’t have to do that anyways. The employer never cared. You could not go in for three days and then show up and work.”

When Daily Caller followed up with Yoder, he said that those accusations from Paris were “inaccurate” but wouldn’t release any more information.


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Credit: Daily Caller


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