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Terrorists Unveil New Weapon

Terrorists Unveil New Weapon

It’s a good thing our new President is cracking down on ISIS because their most recent video has American’s in rightful fear. The Islamic extremists released a video on Tuesday of a recently acquired drone that had the ability to drop bombs on targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Imagine having ISIS now be able to simply fly above a city and just release several bombs in it. This new found ability clearly alarms Americans as well as our military and has therefore caused a stir within our intelligence to create more drone seeking weapons. With over 20 systems being tested and more already active, it’s safe to safe ISIS will be pushed back.

The video showed their new technology but also showed them dropping bombs on several locations in Iraq. While ISIS moved in for ground attacks, the video captures the drones flying above and releasing the bombs. The Washington Times reported on the video saying:

“The video shows that the Islamic State can assemble, arm, launch and guide drones, and find specific targets. The explosions appear relatively small but deadly. Remote pilots were able to hit a tank turret and the dead center of a troop concentration.”

Rep. Duncan Hunter talked about the progression of ISIS and their IEDs saying, “In the end the IEDs are the terrorist’s artillery,” Hunter told the Washington Times. “This is not rocket science. This is a natural progression for IEDs. This isn’t crazy stuff that this is happening now. We should have seen this coming.”

The scarier comment is when the former Marine officer was asked if ISIS could attack a U.S. city with several drones. His simple and terrifying response was, “of course.”

Although they do seem to have full ability to cause terror with these devices, the Islamic State hasn’t performed any major attacks with them to date. They have release tiny bombs and grenades, but nothing in a large scale. Steven Stalinsky, executive director of the Middle East Media Research Institute, spoke on their drones saying:

“I’m surprised there hasn’t been an attack in the West yet with drones. I guess there are technologies now and in production to deal with them the best possible way.”

Stalinsky and his team monitor many of the Islamic State’s communication channels so they often catch what is happening on the inside. In a statement to the Washington Post, Stalinsky talks about the situation and the confidence that ISIS will only grow their drone army from here.

“They have been using drones for a few years, mainly for their films, but there has been a major increase in usage,” Mr. Stalinsky said. “All jihadi groups are using drones and studying how they work and how to avoid them. They are easily obtainable online, then can be modified. We have seen many drones used by ISIS that can be bought on Amazon.”

In America, we should not worry I’m sure that the intel community has known and been preparing for this for some time. This just may be the first time the press received knowledge of this. I’m also sure that our new Administration is not going to take any type of aggression from any terrorist organization.



Source: The Washington Times


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