Home Politics “It’s all over” – Trump declares impeachment inquiry is dead in the water

“It’s all over” – Trump declares impeachment inquiry is dead in the water

“It’s all over” – Trump declares impeachment inquiry is dead in the water

President Donald Trump told reporters that the testimony of Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland signals that “it’s all over” for the impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives, Fox News reported.

Trump also said on his way to a scheduled trip to Texas Wednesday that the House should end its inquiry due to the evidence in his favor.

“I just noticed one thing and that would mean it’s all over,” Trump said on the White House lawn. He then went on to read some notes that appeared to have been handwritten during Sondland’s testimony, during which the ambassador testified that he had a conversation with Trump where the president indicated what he wanted from Ukraine:

“And it was a very short, abrupt conversation,” the ambassador said according to Fox News. “He was not in a good mood. And he just said, ‘I want nothing. I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky to do the right thing.’ Something to that effect.”

Sondland also confirmed during his testimony that he never heard from Trump that he was looking for a quid pro quo in exchange for military aid for Ukraine which would offer him a political advantage.

Sondland, however, said that “we all understood” that it’s what the president was seeking.

Sondland added: “It was no secret.”

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan backed Sondland into a corner during the impeachment hearing on Wednesday, pressing him as to why his opening testimony seemed to omit crucial details about the phone call with Ukraine’s president, that happened to support President Donald Trump’s version of events.

“The gentleman from Texas just read it, you said to the president of the United States, ‘what do you want from Ukraine,’ the president [said] ‘I want nothing I want no quid pro quo, I want Zelenski to do the right thing. I want him to do what he ran on,'” Jordan said.

“What’d he run on, Ambassador Sondland?” Jordan questioned the witness.

“Transparency,” was Sondland’s answer.

“And dealing with corruption,” Jordan corrected and Sondland agreed.

“Mr. Caster raised another important point, why didn’t you put that statement in your opening statement? I think you said you couldn’t fit it in, is that right? So we might be here for 46 minutes instead of 45 minuets.

“It wasn’t purposeful, trust me,” Sondland attempted to assure the representative.

“It wasn’t purposeful? Couldn’t fit it in a 23-page opener? The most important statement about the subject matter at hand the president of the United States in a direct conversation with you about the conversation at hand, and the president says … ‘What do you want from Ukraine,’ ‘I want nothing. I want to QPQ I want this new guy, brand new guy in politics, his party just took over, I want Zalinski, to do the right thing, I want to him to run on and do what he ran on, which is deal with corruption. And you can’t find the time to fit that in a 23 pager opening statement.

“You know what a QPQ is? Jordan asked Sondland, and the ambassador confirmed that he did.


“This for that,” Jordan expanded. “And it looks like Ukraine got that three times, and there was no ‘this’ … they didn’t have to do anything. I’ve never seen anything like this. When the call came out … everyone said, we’re gonna quid pro quo … that’s what was in the call, and of course, that didn’t happen.

“Remember what the complaint said, remember what the memo said of the WB, this call was frightening, this call was scary, all those things, none of that materialized,” Jordan said, and repeated himself one more time before yielding the floor. “None of that materialized.”

Written by Savannah Pointer.

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