Home National News Japan Prepares Its Citizens For the Worst! They Have 10 Minutes

Japan Prepares Its Citizens For the Worst! They Have 10 Minutes

Japan Prepares Its Citizens For the Worst! They Have 10 Minutes

The largest concern the world has over the growing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea is not an attack on the U.S. but rather a missile strike on closer location such as South Korea and Japan. Kim Jong Un may not have the technology to launch at the United States, but his current missiles could reach Japan in 10 minutes.

Japan’s prime minister’s office released a new series of actions to take if North Korea sent ballistic missiles to their country. Judging from North Korea’s launch on March 6th, missiles could very well strike the economic zone of Japan. When questioned about that missile test, North Korea stated they were preparing to hit U.S. military bases inside of Japan.

North Korea proved their missile’s effectiveness also in 1998. During this time, North Korea launched a Taepodong-1 missile which was allegedly for carrying a satellite. The rocket made its way over the economic zone of Japan and landed on the Pacific Ocean side of their country.

Trying to hide from any missile seems silly, but Japan’s announcement to their people was exceptionally silly. The country basically stated that you won’t get the warning in time, but if you do, hide in a strong building. Granted, a strong building sounds a lot better than crawling under your desk.

North Korea’s threats have put many countries on high alert, but according to Japan’s official civil defense website, 5.7 million visitors have checked the page since the beginning of April. This is in comparison to the usual 400,000 people. Many of those people have gone to the “frequently asked questions” section which answered how long a North Korean missile would take to hit Japan:

“When a missile is launched from North Korea, it will not take long to reach Japan. For example, the ballistic missile launched from [North Korea] on February 7 last year took 10 minutes to fly over Okinawa.”

North Korea even boasted about its military strength and showed video of a live fire artillery strike.


An attack on Japan is a very real possibility and one of the things the U.S. has to consider as they determine the best solution for North Korea. What do you think about the possibility of a Japan attack? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: The Washington Post


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