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Jerusalem Media Falls For Fake Document About Trump

Jerusalem Media Falls For Fake Document About Trump

The war between the media and President is in full throng open conflict. Any chance either side gets to jab at one another they do it. So this is what happens when a parody Twitter account posts a document that dupes the media.

News agencies and reporters ignorantly fell for a fake “White House” document that showed some very odd demands from the new President. The document was released via the Twitter account known as “Rogue White House Senior Advisor.” It is a parody account that pokes fun at everyone.

Releasing the document could have simply been a joke or it could have been an intentional attempt to spread the fake news. The account hasn’t once provided any verification that they are connected to or are a White House Staffer. Much of the document revealed obvious jokes such as leaving the microwaves unplugged; which was probably written because of Kellyanne Conway’s random comment on microwaves used for spying.

But even though it seems like a joke to many, Anna Ahronheim of Jerusalem Post believed it to be real. Soon after, news agencies like Business insider, NBC News, and Washington Post shared Ahronheim’s tweet. Fact checking clearly isn’t a concern for these sites anymore.

The tweets surrounding the fake document are hilarious though. And after a short time, even Ahronheim reposted a tweet saying she got it wrong.

It’s amazing how fast fake news can spread when people aren’t fact checking. Check out some of the tweets below:


Soon after she correct her mistake:

Credit: Free Beacon


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