Home News Jill McCabe Gives Account of ‘Funny Money’ and Doesn’t Do Herself Any Favors

Jill McCabe Gives Account of ‘Funny Money’ and Doesn’t Do Herself Any Favors

Jill McCabe Gives Account of ‘Funny Money’ and Doesn’t Do Herself Any Favors

The wife of now-fired Andrew McCabe, Jill McCabe who was tied to funny campaign money in Virginia is speaking out.

Jill McCabe ran to the Washington Post and wrote an op-ed about her version of the contributions she received from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

The Wall Street Journal had originally reported that McAuliffe’s PAC donated $467,500 to Jill McCabe’s campaign, and the Virginia DNC donated another $207,788 to her campaign. Mrs. McCabe did lose to Republican incumbent Dick Black.

Jill McCabe refuted claims that money she received from Terry McAuliffe PAC had any influence on the Clinton investigation and that it “could not be further from the truth. In fact, it makes no sense.”

McCabe said, “Andrew’s involvement in the Clinton investigation came not only after the contributions were made to my campaign but also after the race was over.”

Right, because that makes everything better?

So what you are saying is you were already a loyal foot soldier and knew what needed to be done.

On March 16th Andrew McCabe was fired, and he claims it was because of the Trump Administration. However, the actual results of his termination were the result of an Obama initiated investigation being conducted by an Obama appointee Michael Horowitz. From what we know (because the Inspector Generals report has not been released) McCabe lied several times to the IG during the investigation looking into the Clinton email scandal investigation.

It’s important to remember the IG’s investigation was to examine whether McCabe and Comey thwarted Hillary Clinton’s ability to get elected. The point of the investigation was to examine if the FBI broke any policies which could have resulted in aiding Hillary in her lose.


So I actually find it funny they are blaming this on Trump.

Now, what did McCabe lie about and does it have a nefarious connection to the Clintons remains to be seen. However, we’ll all know soon enough when the report is made public. But, his wife is not doing herself any favors saying, “oh no we got the money before.”


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