Home News McCain Heads To Court To Answer Some Serious Questions

McCain Heads To Court To Answer Some Serious Questions

McCain Heads To Court To Answer Some Serious Questions

The senior Senator from Arizona is headed to court to answer some questions in a defamation lawsuit over his role in the leaking of the opposition research dossier created by former British spy Chris Steele.
The now famous “golden shower” dossier was created by Steele and the London firm Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd. and made a series of bogus claims about collusion between the President and Russia.
In that document, it claims that Aleksej Gubarev was responsible for hacking the DNC and he has now decided to sue Steele and Orbis in the UK and the US.
According to a released court document related to the British lawsuit, McCain spoke with the former British Ambassador to Moscow Sir Andrew Wood, Steele, and a former Department of State Official David Kramer.
According to the court documents:

The defendants’ counsel repeatedly reference McCain and Kramer in the court documents, likely as part of their strategy to navigate the defamation allegation by demonstrating the defendants were not acting maliciously but rather out of genuine concern for U.K. and U.S. national security. This contention is made more plausible by the fact that McCain and Kramer, who clearly had no financial motivation, came to the conclusion that the dossier should be shared with authorities.
In the court document, Steele’s barrister Nicola Cain, claims the portion of the dossier related to Gubarev, which was compiled weeks after the election and after Steele’s clients had stopped paying for the information, amounted to raw intelligence.
Val Gurvits, an attorney leading a similar U.S. defamation suit against Buzzfeed, dismissed Cain’s argument.
“The value of this document (dossier) is only if it is published,” Gurvits told McClatchy. “It is absolutely of no value to anybody unless it is published. Slander is slander when you say it to one person.”

Trump Dossier Suit With McCain Implications for Testimony by Red Blue Divide on Scribd

Do you think McCain is going to get caught up in this further?

Source: McClatchy


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