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John Podesta Unleashes on Trump

John Podesta Unleashes on Trump

John Podesta, the campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, just unleashed scathing comments about President Trump. Podesta said he is “unfit for office” and that the president’s actions are often “absolutely crazy.” Podesta followed with words about the White House and their “complete disregard for the truth,” and that the firing of FBI Director James Comey amounts to “close to an obstruction case” against the president.

He said that we should not expect impeachment proceedings any time soon because Republican congressional leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have chosen to “Velcro their own political fate” to Trump and will refuse to pursue allegations against the president of their own party unless they are “forced” to do so. “It is clear to me that Republicans on Capitol Hill are not going to begin to turn on him at this point,” Podesta says.

These sharp-tongued comments about Trump came in an exclusive interview with The Global Politico. Podesta spoke about Clinton’s shocking loss and the unfolding investigations around the role that Russia played. Podesta talked candidly about campaign infighting and Watergate comparisons. At one point Podesta said, “unlike Trump, Nixon, for all his flaws…but was a serious person.” Most of the hour-long interview focused on the last two controversial weeks of the Trump presidency. “It’s laughable, really laughable that Donald Trump would fire Jim Comey because of his interference which damaged Hillary Clinton. I mean, it was laughable from the very beginning,” Podesta says. “Just a complete misreading of reality.” Just like Hillary, Podesta remains adamant that Comey’s late reopening of the closed probe into Clinton’s private email server just 11 days before the election cost Clinton the presidency.

Podesta said that instead of firing people like Comey, Trump should fire Reince Priebus for not confronting the president. “The problem in the Trump White House is they have no one who really stands up to him,” Podesta says. “He’s impetuous, he’s impulsive, he fires things off and if anything, they enable him rather than trying to contain what are moves that in any other context would seem, you know, absolutely crazy. … If they’re going to try to right this place and be able to be effective, I think they need a much stronger team who can resist his impulses and tell him that he’s wrong.”

But eventually, Podesta put all the blame on Trump and not his staff. He said plainly that the president is “incapable of doing the job.” Podesta ended the interview by saying, “It’s hard to imagine how this keeps going for an entire presidential term,” Podesta replied, saying that unlike Nixon, Trump benefits from the protection of a Republican Congress. “Right now, there’s nothing that compels him to leave. So, we’ll just, you know, it’ll unfold as it unfolds. But every day, there’s kind of new fodder for thinking that he can’t do this job.”


Credit: Politico Magazine


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