Home News Juan Williams gets cornered over claiming Trump is ‘racist’

Juan Williams gets cornered over claiming Trump is ‘racist’

Juan Williams gets cornered over claiming Trump is ‘racist’

Fox Nation host David Webb asked “The Five” host Juan Williams directly if he believed President Donald Trump to be a racist, and Williams confirmed that he did indeed consider Trump to be racist, based on his actions.

Webb began the conversation talking about the Black Caucus in Congress dealing with issues such as criminal justice reform and the fact that they push against Trump as being a racist.

According to Webb, however, the issues do not affect black Americans exclusively and that the caucus is just another group that points the icy finger of racism at the president.

Webb then asked Williams if he agreed with that analysis.

“A simple straightforward question for you, Juan, is President Trump racist?” Webb asked Williams in a Fox Nation “Reality Check” interview.

“I don’t think there’s much doubt about it,” Williams said.

“But I’m asking Juan Williams,” Webb countered.

“And I said I don’t think there’s much doubt about it, yes,” Williams replied.

The Fox host went on to cite his own book, which centers around what he calls “Trump’s war on civil rights” titled “What the Hell Do You Have to Lose,” and said that the president’s actions speak for themselves when it comes to minorities.

“If you look at the language he uses in talking about black people, from Omarosa being a dog to Maxine Waters low intelligence, to having started the birther controversy, is Obama the first black president. . . “[He called] Mexicans rapists and thieves,” Williams added.

Webb then countered to say while he conceded that the language was “rough” Webb himself doubted if it constituted actual racism.

The Reality Check host went on to say that “When you look at the definition of racism part of that is you have to have this belief and demonstrate action that one ethnicity is superior to the other.”

“Where have you ever heard Trump say that white people are superior to blacks?” he asked.

According to Williams, Trump’s actions are more powerful than his words, and Williams went on to cite when Trump’s family was allegedly involved in housing discrimination in New York City when the company was run by the president’s late father.

“Those are actions that lead you to think, ‘humm, we have a problem,’” Williams said.


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