Home News Judge Jeanine rips into Robert Mueller for using ‘Gestapo tactics’

Judge Jeanine rips into Robert Mueller for using ‘Gestapo tactics’

Judge Jeanine rips into Robert Mueller for using ‘Gestapo tactics’

Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating Russian Collusion in the 2016 presidential campaign, got an indictment against Roger Stone. But instead of contacting Stone’s attorney and requesting that he bring his client in for arraignment, standard protocol in cases like this, Mueller decided on what Judge Jeanine say are Gestapo tactics. 

Twenty-nine armed FBI agent and a rifle carrying SWAT team wearing body armor, fatigues and tactical vests arrived at Stone’s Fort Lauderdale home well before dawn. There were a total of 17 vehicles, including armored trucks with lights flashing waiting outside. Agents banged on Stone’s door and yelled through a bullhorn: “FBI, open the door.”

Roger Stone, his deaf wife and their pets were inside the house. A videotape of the whole encounter made its way to CNN. Judge Jeanine Pirro asked, “Now, why would they be there, especially when the FBI considers this dangerous enough to have SWAT teams and guns drawn?”

“Alisyn, it’s reporter’s instinct.,” CNN’s crime and justice producer David Shortell told anchor Alisyn Camerota. “The whole Russia team thought maybe something was happening. There was some unusual grand jury activity in Washington yesterday.”

Pirro said, “Unusual grand jury activity? But grand juries meet in secret. Admit it CNN, you got a call from Mueller’s team. You’re not kidding anybody and it’s a crime for someone whoever to alert you, although I suspect, Mueller won’t give a damn.”

“What the Mueller team did here was not only laughable, it was embarrassing to everyone in law enforcement. Waking a couple up pre-dawn is chaotic enough, but when the wife is deaf, a directive from someone with a gun drawn is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

This show of force was a transparent attempt to embarrass and intimidate Stone. He wasn’t a flight risk and he had no guns. His passport was expired, or just about to expire. Mueller’s other intent was to poison the jury pool to make Stone seem like public enemy No. 1 over an indictment for a nonviolent crime that has nothing to do with Russia or collusion. It’s a process crime.”

Judge Pirro summed up her position saying, “There’s still no evidence President Trump ‘colluded’ with Russia to steal the 2016 election. Roger Stone is charged with crimes after the fact that involved procedure. The only reason Hillary Clinton cronies Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Bryan Pagliano and the whole gang surrounding and protecting Hillary are not charged with process crimes is because Jim Comey, who himself should be indicted, never bothered to investigate.”

Credit: Fox News


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