Home News Kathy Griffen Just Released A Shocking Political Photo and Has Gotten Herself In Hot Water

Kathy Griffen Just Released A Shocking Political Photo and Has Gotten Herself In Hot Water

Kathy Griffen Just Released A Shocking Political Photo and Has Gotten Herself In Hot Water

****Note This Post Was Updated 2250 EST****
We published this article originally at 4PM EST but to be fair to Ms. Griffin we wanted to reflect the most recent information. Only after major backlash Ms. Griffin has apologized and said she went too far. In our original post below we had posted the videos that accompanied the photo and they have been removed. However, the Daily Mail downloaded the video before they were removed and you can watch here. According to Griffen, the images will be taken down and she asked the photographer to remove them. Of course, her apology came shortly after the Secret Service posted this. Griffen may also be having a meeting with the Secret Service.

They weren’t the only ones upset:

Here is Griffin’s apology:

Below is our original story and the picture that has landed her in hot water.

It doesn’t seem like art or comedy, but it is the latest release from Kathy Griffin, the “My Life on the D-List” comedian and artist/photographer Tyler Shields. Ms. Griffin posed with the severed head of President Donald Trump in a bloody photo shoot this week. Griffin just looks directly into the camera with a stone cold face and slowly lifts up the head of the president covered in dark red blood.

According to a gossip outlet, the comedian joked during the photo shoot that she and Shields would need to flee the country after the pictures and video were released for fear of imprisonment. Shields is Known for his previously shocking artwork.

This isn’t the first criticism of the president from Kathy Griffin; in October, she produced a mock campaign advertisement in which she repeatedly told the then-Republican presidential candidate to “f*ck off.” And this isn’t the first “artwork” to depict Trump beheaded. In August, a cartoon version of the president had his head cut off in an issue of the comic book “Spawn.” And comedian George Lopez previously tweeted a cartoon image of the drug lord El Chapo beheading President Trump in March of last year.


Shields, who works primarily in the Los Angeles area, posted updates on his project with Griffin on his Twitter account.

So what do you think about this latest display from television personality Kathy Griffin? How far should we be able to go in freedom of speech when it focuses on our president? We are interested in your comments.

Credit: Daily Mail


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