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LA Mayor Defies Trump and Vows Not To Change Cities Status

LA Mayor Defies Trump and Vows Not To Change Cities Status

In response to recent threats made by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to withhold Department of Justice funds from sanctuary cities, Mayor Eric Garcetti vows to defend the federal funding necessary for law enforcement in Los Angeles.

Garcetti fights the Trump administration stating, “Slashing funds for first-responders, for our port and airport, for counterterrorism, crime-fighting, and community-building serves no one- not this city, not the federal government, not the American people.”

Garcetti intends to defend the safety of all who reside in Los Angeles. He says, “We will fight to protect the safety and dignity of all Angelenos, and we will work closely with our representatives in Congress to make sure that Los Angeles does not go without federal resources that help protect millions of people every day,”

It is not certain how much funding Los Angeles risks losing if it is determined to be a sanctuary city. Grants received just within the last couple of years include $1 million to contribute to the $69 million program to provide all officers in the field with body cameras. Los Angeles additionally receive $1.8 million to support the city’s efforts to reduce criminal gang activity.

To ensure U.S. Department of Justice grants will be awarded, Sessions says the city must first establish it is not a sanctuary city. Sessions will require proof that the municipality is complying with Section 1373 of U.S. Code Title 8. This code requires that federal officials be notified of the immigration status of people in local custody.

Sessions exhorts the nation’s states and cities to “carefully consider the harm they are doing their citizens by refusing to enforce our immigration laws.” Claims made by Trump while campaigning that he would “defund” sanctuary cities, revoking their federal funding are now surfacing. However, it will be difficult for Trump to overcome the legal precedent necessary for him to withhold federal funding from these cities.


credit: Daily News


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