Home News Las Vegas Resort Enacts New Protocol Which Could Be A Sign of Things To Come

Las Vegas Resort Enacts New Protocol Which Could Be A Sign of Things To Come

Las Vegas Resort Enacts New Protocol Which Could Be A Sign of Things To Come

From now on, most places we go to may feel like our airports. Already at the Wynn resort in Las Vegas on Monday, guards scanned visitors with metal-detector wands and inspected their bags. This created a 10-minute wait just to get inside of the hotel. The new security protocol was established after Sunday’s horrific shooting. It is likely to become the protocol for all other venues on the Las Vegas strip. It is likely to become the protocol far beyond Nevada.

All entertainment venues that draw crowds are going to be taking a more holistic approach to security. They are going to have to think about rooftops and any other places where snipers could set up. They will be trying to anticipate an attack from every angle, said David Shepherd, a former FBI special agent in counterterrorism who later would become the security director for Las Vegas Sands Corp.’s Venetian resort.

“We have to start thinking like the Secret Service — start looking at tall buildings,” said Shepherd, who co-authored a book called “Active Shooter.”

An executive at another casino, who asked not to be identified because security matters are sensitive, said the Wynn’s security check at the door is probably the industry’s future because there’s no other way to screen for people carrying weapons.

Casinos and concert facilities need to have plans in place regarding how they can exit people quickly in the event of an active shooter and where to lead them to safety, according to Alan Zajic, a security consultant specializing in hospitality, gaming, nightclubs, and retail.

“In Orlando, that’s how a lot of people died,” Zajic told attendees at a panel on security on Monday morning at the Global Gaming Expo. “There were only two doors. One in the back was locked. Having a good flowing emergency exit plan is pretty important.”

In the future, any live event will most likely include anti-sniper teams, metal detectors and better separation of audiences so they can be evacuated quickly and first responders can get in, said Ed Davis, Boston’s police commissioner from 2006 to 2013 and now a security consultant.

Do you believe this is where we are headed? Is there another option?

Credit: Bloomberg


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