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Lawsuit Has the Administration and Fox News Under the Microscope

Lawsuit Has the Administration and Fox News Under the Microscope

Rod Wheeler, a longtime commentator for Fox News, is allegedly filing a lawsuit against Fox News, a wealthy Trump supporter, and The Trump Administration itself.

The wealthy Trump supporter, Ed Butowsky, is a rich investor living in Dallas, Texas. He is an unpaid Fox commentator on financial matters and has emerged as a reliable Republican voice in recent years.

Back in April, Wheeler and Butowsky met with then-press secretary Sean Spicer. Wheeler informed him that he would be investigating the death and unsolved murder of the Seth Rich. Spicer told sources that he took the meeting as a favor to Butowsky, a reliable Republican voice.

Spicer maintains that he did take the meeting but, the President was unaware and took no part in the planning.

Wheeler is trying to say that Fox News and Butowsky intended to shift public attention away from the growing concern about the administration’s ties to the Russian government.

The lawsuit claims that Fox News fabricated a story covering the July 2016 shooting of Seth Rich, a 27-year-old Democratic Party staffer. Wheeler said, “a Fox News reporter created quotations out of thin air and attributed them to him to propel her story.”

The reason for Rich’s death is still unknown. It got very interesting, however, when WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, suggested that his death could be related to the leaks of tens of thousands of emails from Democratic Party officials and their allies at the peak of the presidential campaign.

Trump then fired FBI Director James Comey in early May. Comey had been overseeing the Russia investigation.

Just a week later, the story ran. According to NPR, the story, “denounced the Rich family, D.C. police, Democratic Party officials and even, privately, by some journalists within the network.”

On May 23rd, just a week later, Fox retracted the story because “the reporting process failed to live up to its standards.”

Wheeler’s lawyer, Douglas Wigdor, said, “Rod Wheeler, unfortunately, was used as a pawn by Ed Butowsky, Fox News, and the Trump administration to try and steer away the attention that was being given about the Russian hacking of the DNC e-mails.”

NPR who received a copy of the lawsuit states that Wheeler’s suit alleges Fox News defamed him by manufacturing two false quotations attributed to him and ruining his reputation by blaming him as the deceptive story fell apart. Wheeler, an African-American, is also suing the network for racial discrimination, saying he failed to advance as prominently as white counterparts.

For a short recap of the situation, check out the following video…

Is this just a coincidence? Or is something fishy going on? That’s for you to decide.

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Credit: Npr.org



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