Home News Whoopi & ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Have EPIC COLLAPSE … The Can’t Accept Reality!

Whoopi & ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Have EPIC COLLAPSE … The Can’t Accept Reality!

Whoopi & ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Have EPIC COLLAPSE … The Can’t Accept Reality!

Whining Whoopi Goldberg and her gang of leftist ladies railed against the next US president following a whirlwind election night that stunned the world.

It was a display mirroring most of mainstream media Wednesday following American voters’ approval of Donald Trump as president-elect. Whoopi Goldberg and her co-hosts on TV’s “The View” lost it trying to come to terms that their reign of liberal terror ended.

Watch the crass co-hosts drown out the one conservative co-host on the show and explode against America:


The “shock” of the election result was almost too much for the women of the show. They abuse anyone who thinks differently from them.

From Independent Journal Review:

Whoopi Goldberg called it “shocking,” while Joy Behar said she was “slowly getting drunk” throughout their election night coverage:

“It was a rough night for everybody I think. We’re worried, the people are worried.

You know, okay, he’s the president, now what? We’re watching you, okay?”

Behar went on to explain what really scares her, which is a Republican-controlled White House, Congress, Senate and, potentially, the Supreme Court.

It’s scary to these abusive characters because they can no longer spew their leftist vile without knowing at least half the country disagrees with them. And, those Americans are willing to fight back.

Election results supporting Trump swamped every news feed election night. It was a sight shocking to co-host Sarah Haines who said the awe of the night was an “ah-ha” moment. She realized her critics might be right and she is out of touch with what “the world’s all about.”

“It was like a punch in the gut.”

The only saving grace for this daytime gripe show is the lone, and very brave, evangelical Christian and Republican Candace Cameron Bure. She speaks her mind amidst regular verbal abuse from the leftist ladies who gang up on her. Bure was cautious in her comments knowing she would be attacked by the leftists surrounding her.


“I was a person that voted on policy, and so in that sense, I am happy with the result.

And yet, if anything, I hope, no matter what side you were one, it brings all of us as a people to a horizontal posture — brings us to our knees, our face to the floor, that we pray for our country.

That we pray for him, whether you think he could turn this upside down, or you’re praying he will uphold the positions he said he would.”

Such statements of common courtesy and faith in God sent Whoopi into a psychotic tirade.

“You can say there was no white-lash, but there was white lash. I’ve watched what’s happened in America over the last eight years.”

Obviously Whoopi and her gang of leftist ladies haven’t watched too closely. More violence, more poverty for minorities, national security dangers, homeland attacks from radical Islamic terrorists and a nation divided right down the middle along racial and political lines have all escaped their purview.

These women should get to work helping to unify the country – as the current president encouraged – instead of continuing to abuse those with differences.


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