Home National News LGBTQ Community is OUTRAGED Supreme Court Ignores Major Transgender Rights Case

LGBTQ Community is OUTRAGED Supreme Court Ignores Major Transgender Rights Case

LGBTQ Community is OUTRAGED Supreme Court Ignores Major Transgender Rights Case

After the Trump administration changed the federal government’s position on transgender policies, the Supreme Court made an announcement that they would not be hearing a major case they were originally set to hear.

According to New York Times:

“In a one-sentence order, the Supreme Court vacated an appeals court decision in favor of a Virginia transgender boy, Gavin Grimm, and sent the case back for further consideration in light of the new guidance from the administration.”

The case was originally set to be heard in March, but the Supreme Court shot it down after the Trump administrations change. Advocates of transgender rights were frustrated by the decision saying they lost a chance at forwarding a national issue. Sarah Warbelow, legal director of the Human Rights Campaign issued a statement saying:

“Thousands of transgender students across the country will have to wait even longer for a final decision from our nation’s highest court affirming their basic rights.”

The other side of the political spectrum welcomed the vetoed case. Kerri Kupec is a lawyer with the Alliance Defending Freedom. The Christian group saw the recent decision a win and Kupec said:

“The first duty of school districts is to protect the bodily privacy rights of all of the students who attend their schools and to respect the rights of parents who understandably don’t want their children exposed in intimate changing areas like locker rooms and showers.”

Mr. Grimm’s (now identifying as a male) case was based on his desire to use the men’s bathroom despite being born a female. During the Obama administration, the answer was that students could use any bathroom they identified with. The administration used the 1972 law called Title IX. This bans discrimination based on gender in schools with federal funding.

The school that Mr. Grimm’s attended originally let him use the men’s bathroom but the school board later issued a rule stating you must use the bathroom of your biological gender. They then adopted a logical rule that if they didn’t like this, they could use private bathrooms.

However, logical isn’t how Mr. Grimm’s saw it. The American Civil Liberties Union told the justices that Mr. Grimm’s use of a private bathroom was humiliating and quoting Grimms, “turned him into ‘a public spectacle’ before the entire community, ‘like a walking freak show.’” The school’s choice drove Grimm to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond, Va.


It was with those judges that the school was ordered to let Grimm used the men’s bathroom again. The school and judges continued to go back and forth and both sides hope to resolve that with the Supreme Court. They also hope that the meaning of Title IX will be made more clear allowing schools to make a better decision.

Credit: New York Times


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