Home News Liberal Strategy To Control Public Opinion REVEALED. Proves How RIGGED The System Is!

Liberal Strategy To Control Public Opinion REVEALED. Proves How RIGGED The System Is!


A disturbing email outlining an internal liberal policy to significantly influence American politics is among the latest email leaks from WikiLeaks.

The email in question was sent to major donors of Democratic causes including the campaign of presidential nominee Hillary Clinton donors as they prepared to attend a meeting with John Podesta who now serves as Clinton’s campaign chair. At the time, he was president of billionaire George Soros’ Center for American Progress.

The Daily Caller reports:

A leaked memo from current Clinton campaign chair John Podesta to a handful of liberal billionaires in late 2007 lays out the longterm progressive strategy to dominate American politics by creating an ‘echo chamber’ to control public discourse and changing American demographics to make them more ‘advantageous.’

The strategy outlined in the email includes several “strategic goals” to be discussed and acted upon. One goal included controlling the “political discourse.”

“Now that this enhanced infrastructure is in place – grassroots organizing; multi-issue advocacy groups; think tanks; youth outreach; faith communities; micro-targeting outfits; the netroots and blogosphere – we need to better utilize these networks to drive the content of politics through a strong ‘echo chamber’ and message delivery system.”

Podesta also discussed how voter registration drives can be used noting that they “can be highly effective in delivering progressive voters to the polls.” The strategy included attempts to divide voters into categories including race, gender, and age and to target them based on those demographics. Specific groups including women, Latinos, millennials, and communities of color are focused on to solidify their support.


The existence of a grand liberal plan is not unexpected. Most educated voters recognize that operatives for both parties constantly seek out ways to attract new voters and solidify their support. The problem here is that this email was not part of a larger public discourse. It was not even part of the larger Democratic party establishment. The scheme outlined in this email included only a small number of powerful and influential donors, all of whom are now actively supporting Hillary Clinton.

And the group does appear to have already influenced our political system. The “echo chamber” mentioned in the Podesta email to refer to controlling the political discourse is the same phrase that President Obama used in describing the behind-the-scenes effort to control the discussion about his Iran deal, a deal which has come under harsh criticism from top congressional Republicans as well as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. In an era of rampant mistrust of those established in government, the revelations of this email only bolster that assumption.


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