Home News Limbaugh Claims Liberals and Dems Are Lying About A Recent Proposal From the President

Limbaugh Claims Liberals and Dems Are Lying About A Recent Proposal From the President

Limbaugh Claims Liberals and Dems Are Lying About A Recent Proposal From the President

Is Rush Limbaugh prophetic? Recently on his talk show, the conservative host predicted exactly what Trump opponents would say after the president gave a speech on tax reform. Rush began the program by revealing how CNN has hidden any truth regarding the rise of the gross domestic product and the increase in both economic growth and job creation under the Trump presidency.

When economist Stephen Moore began to talk about the GDP hitting 3% (it never even reached 2% in Obama’s eight years), CNN host Brooke Baldwin began shouting and cutting away from the noted Wall Street Journal writer and economist. Rush noted, “She just would not allow him to point out that we never even got to 2% growth under Obama for eight years. Now already seven months into Trump, we’re up to 3%. So what’s happening is that the Drive-Bys are keeping that news as secret as they can. They’ve got a built-in excuse now with Hurricane Harvey and the recovery efforts to totally ignore and abandon the story, which they are doing.”

Rush then played a soundbite from a previous show in which he predicted exactly what the liberal opposition to Trump would say:

“Okay. Trump has begun his speech in Springfield on tax reform, just now getting into it. There are three lies that the media and the Democrats say after every Republican tax proposal. They are this: The Reagan or Bush tax cuts didn’t work. They then say the rich are not gonna be paying their fair share in this. And that it has to be revenue neutral. Those are the three things. You watch. After Trump finishes, those three lies will be part of the media reaction to whatever he says.”

Limbaugh then put together a montage of liberal response that included: Austan Goolsbee, Brian Klaas, Robert Wolf, Julia Chatterley, Anna Edgerton, Ron Insana, and Jared Bernstein, who are all economic advisers with CNBC and CNN.

AUSTAN GOOLSBEE: Let us return to reality, okay? The last time the country did this was when George Bush cut taxes for high-income people and big corporations.

BRIAN KLASS: It’s just a complete lie that it’s going to have this trickle-down effect and massively create jobs. There’s no evidence to suggest it happens.

AUSTAN GOOLSBEE: If he’s just going to keep stating that he wants to cut taxes by something like $6 trillion, somebody somewhere has got to say how they’re going to pay for it.

ROBERT WOLF: This isn’t going to be corporate tax reform. It’s really a tax cut. It’s not going to be revenue neutral.

JULIA CHATTERLEY: Is there any consensus here on whether or not this is going to be revenue neutral? And of course, it’s critical.

ANNA EDGERTON: It has to be revenue neutral.

RON INSANA: More tax cuts to wealthy individuals, to corporations, but not to middle-class individuals.

JARED BERNSTEIN: These benefits go to households in the richest part of the income scale.

Rush summed up the prediction like this: “What does it mean, folks, when I can totally, accurately predict the reaction and response of liberal Drive-Bys and economists whenever, whenever a Republican tax cut is proposed? What does it mean that I can almost predict word-for-word what they’re gonna say? What does it mean?

It means they’re speaking from a script. It means they are totally politicizing. It means they’re not even paying attention to the specifics of what’s been proposed. All it means is they want no part of a tax cut, and they’re gonna do everything they can to try to convince the American people that a tax cut would be the worst thing ’cause it’s gonna cost the federal government money — not being revenue neutral — the rich are gonna get the lion’s share of the tax cut, and they’re not gonna trickle it down. They’re not gonna share with anybody so you’re gonna get worse off.”

Rush continued, “Trump cannot be seen as successful. They can’t permit it. They cannot permit. So Trump’s 3% economic growth, put it on page A-18 and ignore it on cable news, don’t even report it.”

What do you think about how Rush nailed the liberal media’s response to Trump’s tax reform speech?

Credit: RushLimbaugh.com


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