Home Politics Lindsey Graham on border wall: “One way or the other”

Lindsey Graham on border wall: “One way or the other”

Lindsey Graham on border wall: “One way or the other”

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the GOP senator from South Carolina, predicted that the Trump administration will “build the wall one way or the other.” He also added a pretty bold political warning for members of his party who refuse to support the president on the issue.

Graham’s comments came during a Wednesday night interview with Sean Hannity. When the Fox News host brought up the topic of border security and President Donald Trump’s “fight for the wall,” he told Graham he was “99 percent certain” the president would use alternative means to complete it if congress refuses to fund the wall.

“To everybody who’s wondering how this movie ends, it ends this way,” said Graham. “We’re going to build the wall one way or the other.”

The senator relayed that he had “just talked to the president 10 minutes before” he came on Hannity’s show. Graham then talked about why the $5.7 billion that’s being asked for is part of a “professionally designed plan.”

“The $5.7 billion represents ten locations according to the Department of Homeland Security that a barrier would make the most difference. It’s a professionally designed plan. If you look at the 10 locations on the border where the professionals say we need a barrier, it adds up to $5.7 billion. Every Democrat virtually has voted for 634 miles of fencing. When you ask people where the 10 locations of the 634 miles we need something up now, they gave us the locations and the price tag is $5.7 billion. The president is not doing anything crazy. What’s crazy is that they’re fighting him after having voted the way they did in the past,” Graham said.

Senator Graham agreed with Hannity’s concern about fellow Republicans. 

“I’m worried, too,” he said. “If you don’t stand by this president – every president, Bush, Obama and Trump sent troops to the border. What is unusual about that? Nothing. What is the difference between sending a troop to secure the border and build a barrier while they’re there? He has all the power in the world to do this.”

“To my Republican colleagues, stand behind him … If you don’t, you’re going to pay a price.”

Credit: Daily Caller


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