Home Politics Lord Gets Canned and Claims CNN ‘Caved’

Lord Gets Canned and Claims CNN ‘Caved’

Lord Gets Canned and Claims CNN ‘Caved’

A conservative commentator was recently fired from CNN for a Nazi salute tweet he directed at a Twitter user. After being fired, Jeffrey Lord made a statement about being fired, saying “CNN caved” when they did so. However, he also left this other final statement:

“I want to make something very clear. I have nothing but respect, affection, and love for CNN. I think the world of CNN. I think they’re terrific people and serious people.”

The tweet for which Lord got fired over is found below:

About the tweet, a network spokesperson said the salute was “indefensible” and confirmed that Lord wouldn’t’ be working with the network anymore. Fox News clarifies that Lord directed his comment at the head of a liberal advocacy group known as, ‘Media Matters for America.’

Lord has played nice about his termination but, did say he was disappointed with their choice:

“From my perspective CNN caved on the First Amendment of all things. I disagree. I respectfully disagree.”

In defense of his actual wording, Lord said his “Sieg Heil!” tweet was not encouraging Nazism or fascism but was meant to mock the advocacy group and their boycott usage. Lord also declined to talk about how he was fired and believes it is a private conversation.

Lord’s termination was met with plenty of approval from his critics, most of whom left unique tweets for him. However, the push back hasn’t gotten him to stay silent. Lord also told Entertainment Weekly the following about his termination:

“Caving to bullies, caving to people who use fascist and Nazi-style tactics to try and remove people from air is unacceptable. I mocked this guy. Mocking Nazis is OK. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing. A writer has a handful of tools in his author box, and mockery is one of them. To suggest that this is anything other than that, to my way of thinking, is caving in. And i’m not going to cave.”


Credit: Fox News


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