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Maddow’s Rating Grab Blows Up In Her Face

Maddow’s Rating Grab Blows Up In Her Face

On Tuesday night around 7 pm I found out via Twitter that Rachel Maddow had a copy of President Trump’s tax returns. The Twittersphere exploded people were excited “could this be the moment we were all waiting for.” There were many tweets like this.

I turned on the TV (because who really watches the news anymore) switched it to MSNBC and there was a countdown clock for Maddow’s show.

At that point, I started thinking whatever they have it’s not that good. Let’s be honest if they had the bombshell they claimed to have it would have been immediate breaking news. Around 8:30 pm I checked CNN.com who at the time lead story was “White House claims Trump paid 38 million in taxes.” On Wednesday the title was changed and story updated. The White House released all the information regarding Trump’s taxes before Maddow’s show aired.

I thought maybe the White House didn’t release all the information and they were trying to get out in front. But Trump loves to tweak the media and this was looking more and more like a setup.

So at 9 pm, I tuned in with the laptop on ready to go. Maddow started the show with the typical news opening monolog and then went to commercial break (set-up confirmed). After the break, Maddow appeared with the 1040’s in her hand and interviewed the reporter David Cay Johnson who claims to have found them in his mailbox. Johnson begins to say that he wouldn’t have been surprised if Trump sent him the taxes. Then Maddow and Johnson begin a diatribe into what would happen if the alternative minimum tax was removed. Lastly, Maddow went down the rabbit hole of who’s paying Trump and where did his money come from. Here is the entire segment if you would like to view it:

What was discovered is that Trump made 158 million in 2005, underwrote 103 million from “construction”, and paid 38 million in taxes which is about 24%. Almost immediately as if cued right wing news sites published information about how Trump paid a higher tax rate than Obama, Bernie, and NBC Comcast.


CNBC slammed Maddow because it ended up being positive news for President Trump. Even though we don’t know how he made his money it destroyed the argument that he doesn’t pay taxes. The fact that Rachel Maddow “proved” Trump paid 24% in taxes is not a win for those that wish to remove him from office.

We’ll never know who leaked those tax documents and there is no proof that the White House did. But the way this went down looks like a set-up right out of Steve Bannon’s playbook; Maddow fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Source: You Tube


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