Home National News A Major Trump Victory: Taxpayers To Save $22 Million

A Major Trump Victory: Taxpayers To Save $22 Million

A Major Trump Victory: Taxpayers To Save $22 Million

President Trump has been attacked day in and day out since he entered the seat of President of the United States. His aggressive personality and abrasive actions have branded him, by many, a terrible president. The Democrats are going as far as to say this means he is mentally unstable. However, the following results seem to be indicators that he’s been successful so far.
According to Breitbart, Trump’s budget will save taxpayers an estimated $22 million. The breakdown comes from cutting the First Lady’s budget, cutting funding of “czars” and “fellowships” which were all created during the Obama administration.
Adam Andrzejewski (pronounced And-gee-eff-ski), president of the OpenTheBooks.com, compared Trump’s budget with that of Obama’s last two years. According to Andrzejewski, there are 110 less White House employees since Obama left office. This saves the White house $5 million.
He also reported that the First lady’s Staff was cut from 24 workers to just five. Michelle Obama’s staff cost the White House nearly $2 million a year. In comparison, the George W. Bush era spent $1.4 million on the First Lady staff.
A second area of budget cuts comes from the elimination of policy “czars” which Obama placed throughout the White House. The Trump budget eliminated these completely. Obama’s odd “fellowship” positions were also ended completely. These fellowship positions were responsible for Michelle Obama’s programs like “Let Girls Learn.” According to Breitbart, some of these “fellowship” candidates made up to $158,000 annually.
Though it wasn’t added as a line item on the President’s budget, another huge save was Donald Trump’s choice to not receive his $569,000 salary. So do you think this is finally a victory for Trump?
Credit: Breitbart


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