Home Politics Majority of Democrats say Trump will survive impeachment hearings – Poll

Majority of Democrats say Trump will survive impeachment hearings – Poll

Majority of Democrats say Trump will survive impeachment hearings – Poll

A newly released Hill-HarrisX poll reflected that an increasing percentage of Democrats believe that President Donald Trump will finish out his first term in office, at least, as the impeachment inquiry presses on.

“The survey of 445 Democratic voters found that 56 percent said they think Trump will remain in office until 2020, a 7-point uptick compared to the results of an identical poll last month,” The Hill reported. “Twenty-five percent of Democrats in the new survey, meanwhile, said they think Trump will leave office before the end of his first term.”

The poll went on to say that an even larger percentage of the almost 400 Republicans polled said that the believe Trump will finish out his first term.

“The percentage of GOP voters who said that the president would complete his term increased from 89 percent in October to 93 percent in the latest survey,” The Hill went on. “Seventy-four percent of 349 independent respondents now said the same thing, marking a 14-point increase from the Oct. 11 poll.”

The overall percentage of voters who believe that Trump will be in office through at least the 2020 election was 73 percent, with just 14 percent saying the felt it was unlikely he wouldn’t make it and 13 percent saying they just weren’t sure.

This poll came just days after a Monmouth University poll which was released on Tuesday, 62 percent of President Donald Trump’s tried and true supports who approve of the president and the job he is doing, said that there isn’t anything the commander in chief could do to shake their support

The opposite also held true as the survey showed that 70 percent of those who don’t approve of the president’s job performance say that there is nothing he could do that would win him over to his side.

“Overall, 43 percent of the 401 respondents approve of Trump’s job, as opposed to 51 percent who disapprove,” The New York Post reported. “That is up from a September survey, where 41 percent approved while 53 percent disapproved.”

Additionally, 51 percent of those respondents said “no” when asked if Trump “should be impeached and compelled to leave the Presidency,” as opposed to 44 percent who responded “yes.”


Written by Savannah Pointer.

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