Home News Another Multi-Billionaire Is Looking At Running In 2020

Another Multi-Billionaire Is Looking At Running In 2020

Another Multi-Billionaire Is Looking At Running In 2020

Are members of the Republican Party willing to challenge Trump in the next, upcoming Primary Election? No one knows for sure, but another multi millionaire is looking to wade into the political waters.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks has expressed interest in challenging Trump. Cuban has expressed his liberal social views, but he has also been reported saying that his views line up with the Republican Party.

According to The Hill, Cuban said, “I have been contacted by people from both parties, although not by the national organizations. It’s something I am considering but am not ready to decide on.”

Another celebrity, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has expressed interest in the position as well. Johnson is independent but has attended both Democratic and Republican conventions.

Former New York City Governor, Michael Bloomberg has been generating speculation and will continue to create speculation until he definitively rules out the possibility of challenging Trump. He has had a very successful career in finance, founding “Bloomberg financial services,” and has been a member of both parties.

With the ongoing probe into Russia’s role in the Presidential election, as well as Trump’s overall low favorable ratings, there is speculation that Trump could, in fact, face a primary challenge.

A Republican challenger is certainly a possibility, but it is unlikely, according to most party strategists.

Most Republicans in Washington stand behind President Trump and embrace his blunt and brutally honest leadership style.

Just this past weekend, The New York Times confirmed the possibility of shadow campaigns that are potentially already in the making to challenge President Trump.

If Trump runs for President again in 2020, most believe that he has the advantage and will come away with a victory in the Republican primary. The challenge, although, could potentially weaken Trump and cause him to lose in the General Election. This was the case in 1992, when Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush.

There is a host of potential challengers to Trump, including senators and even a handful of celebrities.

The buzz has been forming around Senators Jeff Flake of Arizona and Ben Sasse of Nebraska. Additionally, the Governer of Ohio John Kasich.

Flake, although unlikely to challenge Trump, has been receiving attention based off his new book, which takes a direct aim at Trump and the Republican leaders who paved the way for Trump to become the President. It is titled “Conscience of a Conservative.”

In his book, Flake wrote, “To carry on in the spring of 2017 as if what was happening was anything approaching normalcy required a determined suspension of critical faculties. And tremendous powers of denial.”

Ben Sasse has received praise for “calling it as he sees it” and standing up to President Trump. He is unlikely to run against Trump, although, as he is satisfied with being a father to three children and serving the people of Nebraska.

With all the political war gaming already going on, there is one thing to point out. The person that would run against Trump would be seen as a member of the establishment. The base of the Republican Party hates the establishment, and with Trump’s showman nature he displayed in the last primary that oppoinent would turn into Jeb Bush.

What are your thoughts on potential shadow campaigns? Do you think this is all buzz or a real possibility? Please feel free to leave comments below.

Credit: The Hill


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