Home News McCain Blocks Trump’s Agenda Once Again

McCain Blocks Trump’s Agenda Once Again

McCain Blocks Trump’s Agenda Once Again

GOP Senator John McCain is once again blocking President Trump’s agenda. McCain, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, said on Tuesday that he is holding up Pentagon nominees until the president’s administration reveals more information on their strategy in Afghanistan.

During a hearing on Afghanistan with the Senate Armed Services Committee, McCain told Defense Secretary James Mattis and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford that he would keep blocking the Trump administration from appointing positions in the Pentagon until he’s thoroughly briefed on the strategy for both Afghanistan and Iraq.

“There are not two individuals that I admire more than are sitting at the table facing this committee, but I want to tell you again: We will not accept a lack of information, a lack of strategy, a lack of coordination with this committee,” McCain said. “And there are several methods, thanks to the Constitution, that we have to try and force a change in that relationship. I’ve been told by both of you that we are having a strategy, that we are now going to work closely together with the committee, that we are working with various allies. I’m glad to hear that,” the senator continued.

Trump’s administration did reveal a strategy for Afghanistan in late August, it calls for sending more troops to the region to advise to the Afghan military. But it does not include in the strategy what would determine success for the plan. The Pentagon plans on sending about 3,000 more troops to the conflict in the region.

Right now, 70% of the Pentagon positions that need Senate confirmation remain unfilled. The Trump administration has been slow to fill these positions than presidents in the past.

“There’s a number of them that have been awaiting hearings and confirmations, some have had hearings,” McCain said. “The Constitution says that the Senate has the obligation to advise and consent. I am in keeping with the Constitution of the United States. When I got reelected, I said I would support and defend the Constitution; I didn’t say I would support and defend the president of the United States.”

This recent block from McCain is preventing the confirmation of Trump’s appointment for Secretary of the Army, Mark Esper, as well as his choice for Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, Robert Wilkie. These are key positions that affect the operability of the Armed Services, which could in hurt the ability of forces to operate.

McCain wasn’t alone in wanting more information. Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand also asked Mattis if he’d be more publicly open about troop deployments.

“No, ma’am, if it involves telling the enemy anything that will help them, and yes, ma’am, if it involves honesty with this committee in private, at any time, at a closed hearing, we will get as specific as you wish. No reservations at all in private,” Mattis replied.

I get it, John, your pissed the people voted for Trump and not you but, this is why some hearings are conducted in private. You, sir, are conducting in political grandstanding and hurting the military you claim to love. Just be honest, you hate the president, you know this is your last term, and you don’t give a crap.

What do you think about this most recent hurdle that McCain is putting in front of the president’s agenda? Do you think this is getting personal, or is McCain just doing his job?

Credit: Daily Caller


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