Home News McCain Wastes No Time and Blasts President Trump

McCain Wastes No Time and Blasts President Trump

McCain Wastes No Time and Blasts President Trump

Well, that didn’t take long…
Senator John McCain on Thursday released a statement about the President and his recent policy change.
The criticism comes after the President reportedly canceled a CIA program that trained Syrian rebels.
According to foreign policy experts, Russia wanted the program terminated because it was viewed as an attack on its own interests. The CIA has been supporting the rebels in Syria since 2013. Senator McCain said:

“Making any concession to Russia, absent a broader strategy for Syria, is irresponsible and short-sighted,” McCain said in his statement. The administration has yet to articulate its vision for Syria beyond the defeat of ISIL, let alone a comprehensive approach to the Middle East.
It is now mid-July, when the administration promised to deliver that strategy to Congress, and we are still waiting.”

The Senators statement comes just one day after he announced he has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Source: Washington Examinar


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