Home News McConnell picks his moment to break with President Trump

McConnell picks his moment to break with President Trump

McConnell picks his moment to break with President Trump

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made the controversial statement that he plans to offer an amendment that would warn President Donald Trump against a “precipitous withdrawal” of American troops from certain parts of the Middle East according to The Hill.

McConnell said from the Senate floor on Tuesday that his proposal would “acknowledge the plain fact” that Al Qaeda, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and their affiliates “pose a serious threat to us here at home.”

“It would recognize the danger of a precipitous withdrawal from either conflict and highlight the need for diplomatic engagement and political solutions to the underlying conflicts in Syria and Afghanistan,” McConnell said.

The amendment wasn’t formally filed as of early Tuesday, but by arguing that the United States government could suffer the “downsides” of announcing that the military would be “gone by a certain date” is what caused McConnell to encourage the president to maintain some sort of presence in both Syria and Afghanistan.

“My amendment would also urge continued commitment from the U.S. military and our partners until we have set the conditions for the enduring defeat of these vile terrorists,” he said.

“We are the leader of the free world, and it’s incumbent upon the United States to lead, to maintain a global coalition against terror and to stand with our partners engaged in a daily fight against terrorists,” McConnell continued.

Other lawmakers have also put pressure on the president to reconsider his recent decision to withdraw forces from Syria and McConnell warned that he expected the Senate to have a “contentious” debate on the issue.

“There is no question that we continue to face serious challenges from al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria as well as from Iran, Russia and the Assad regime itself. And I anticipate this body will debate U.S. military strategy toward Syria in the coming weeks as it conducts oversight over the administration’s apparently ongoing review of its Syria policy,” he said at the time.


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