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McConnell Pulls It Off

McConnell Pulls It Off

On Friday despite the Democrat filibuster Senate Republicans confirmed Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court filling the vacant seat. Vice President Mike Pence oversaw the vote when Gorsuch was confirmed. CNN also reports:

Throughout this week, we thought the headline for today’s news would be Gorsuch’s probable confirmation to the Supreme Court — something the Republicans changed Senate rules to make happen.
But that all changed last night after Trump ordered airstrikes against an airbase in Syria — a direct response to a chemical attack earlier this week by Assad’s regime. Lawmakers on the Hill have shifted their attention to figuring out what Trump’s next step in Syria might be.
Speaking on the Senate floor — where they will soon vote to confirm Gorsuch — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said there will be an all-senators briefing today about Syria and last night’s airstrikes.
But even before this, Gorsuch’s confirmation was never seriously in doubt and he flew remarkably under the radar.

Since the attacks on Syria, many on the Hill included House Minority Leader Pelosi are calling from congress to remain in Washington to put together a strategy toward Syria before going on an 18-day break. We should hear soon what they decide to do.


Source: CNN


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