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The Media Is Coming, The Media Is Coming: Conway Freaks

The Media Is Coming, The Media Is Coming: Conway Freaks

Whatever you may think about White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, you have to agree that she has been a staunch defender of President Trump. Conway has been put in some of the tightest situations and usually stays composed in response to personal attacks and intense criticism of Trump.

On Sunday Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz.” She said that the media spends too much time “talking about themselves.” Conway argued that they did not focus on the issues that were important to Americans.

Conway continued the interview saying, “I’ve been paying close attention to print reporters, to networks, the cable stations. There are a few journalists out there who have really done a great job trying to get to know this president and his administration, his Cabinet, his senior staff. And I think those folks are still doing what traditional journalism has always done, which is they’re trying to get the story. Others are trying to just get the president.”

She also noted, “I think the media spend too much time talking about themselves and covering issues they think are important to them or that they want the American public to focus on rather what the Americans are telling the journalists, including in the media’s own polling, is important to Americans.”

So what do you think? Is the media, by and large, trying to “get the story,” or are they trying to “get the president?” You can watch the interview below, and we would love to see your comments. Is Conway right or wrong about the media?

Credit: Breitbart


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