Home Politics Meghan complains “I don’t get to talk?” – Whoopi responds by cutting to commercial

Meghan complains “I don’t get to talk?” – Whoopi responds by cutting to commercial

Meghan complains “I don’t get to talk?” – Whoopi responds by cutting to commercial

ABC’s “The View” was once again the sight of hurt feelings as moderator Whoopi Goldberg refused to allow Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Republican Sen. John McCain, weigh in on the issue of how abortion might affect the next election.

While the conversation was mostly held between co-hosts Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, when McCain attempted to cut in, Goldberg tried to wrap up the segment, even as McCain was asking to be heard.

“I don’t get to talk?” McCain fumed as she looked offstage, possibly towards a producer. “Just wondering if I can say something. Okay?”

As McCain tried to pry more time from Goldberg, she was cut off by the moderator saying, “Well, here’s the deal…”

“Well, I just want to make clear—” McCain shot back.

“Now you put it out there like that,” Goldberg rebutted. “I let y’all talk and I said nothing. We have to go to break. If there’s more to say, if you want to say more, then we’ll come back and say more.”

“No, that’s fine,” the ex-Fox News talker huffed as the show ultimately cut to break.


This exchange came on the heels of a report from last week https://redbluedivide.com/meghan-mccain-is-officially-driving-whoopi-nuts-shes-about-to-break/ that host Whoopi Goldberg was especially exuberant as the show’s resident loud and proud self-described conservative was out sick, for last Monday’s show, according to The DailyMail.

While both McCain and host Joy Behar were out feeling because of health issues, insiders told DailyMail.com that Goldberg wants just McCain to be removed from the show and replaced with a less aggressive voice.

“Whoopi is at her breaking point with Meghan. She’s been trying to hang in there, especially keep the peace with Meghan and Joy, but we all know she’s about to break,” a source told DailyMail.com.


While “The View” is known to have opinionated women, according to the DailyMail’s report, 34-year-old McCain has ruffled feathers, both on and off camera, with the former Fox commentator having issues with the hair and makeup team as well as the executive producers.

The source said: “Most of the producers and the award-winning glam team on our show have been here for years. I’m talking a decade-plus!

“They have survived Rosie O’Donnell, Star Jones, and even Barbara Walters. So for Meghan to be causing problems for them, it says a lot about her and really isn’t a reflection on them at all.”


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